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How to Host Stack the Caps in your Community


Register your event with This will provide your school or organization with support in executing your event. If you have any questions please e-mail Hayley Miller, Student Coordinator, and Jason Glick, Teacher Advisor, at

Organize Your Event:
  • Designate a school or group representative for the event and set a date, time, and location. A school assembly, the halftime break of an athletic contest, or any gathering at which students can participate in the stacking are examples of some great venues for this event. Collecting caps over time can work as well, but the impact is strongest when each participant stacks his or her cap on the pile, and the assembled group watches the caps rise to great heights.
  • Get the word out! Make sure everyone knows to bring a baseball cap that is new and has never been worn. You may want to reach out to local sports teams and other sponsors to donate new hats for your event.
  • Contact a local Children’s Hospital to organize the donations. You may also ship the hats to us, and we will coordinate the donation for you.

You Will Need:
  • A tall ladder
  • A 2x4 piece of wood tall enough to balance the stack of caps. This should be painted, decorated, and marked by inches and feet. Note: 200 caps measure approximately 12 feet.
  • Measuring tape (You may want a few people to help with the stacking and measuring.)
  • Bags or boxes to store the caps after the event
  • Photographer

We Will Provide:
  • Stack the Caps stickers: custom stickers will be provided to you for your event
  • Banner: a custom Stack the Caps banner will be provided to you for your event

  • Announce that your event is about to begin and invite anyone who has brought a new, unworn baseball cap to your “Stack the Caps Measuring Stick.” You may want to have some music playing as the participants are stacking their caps.
  • Have volunteers ready to give each person a sticker for participation after stacking his or her cap.
  • Measure the caps and have your photographer take a picture to document your event.
  • Announce the results and the charity where the caps are going to be donated. You may even want to get a representative from the hospital to attend the event and accept the hats.

Wrap Up
  • Deliver the caps to a local Children’s Hospital or send them to us. You may want your photographer to document this aspect of the event as well.
  • Send us the pictures documenting your event so that we may include them on the Stack the Caps website. Remember to provide us with the total feet and inches of your cap stack so that we can add it to our cumulative goal of stacking a mile of hats.


Feel free to contact us at any stage of your event for ideas and support to help make your event successful. You may e-mail us at and we will get in touch with you.
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