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Stack the Caps for Kids with Cancer

About Stack the Caps

Stack the Caps began in 2008 at Camp Starlight in Starlight, Pennsylvania. The event was inspired by a camper who died from a very rare form of cancer. Stack the Caps now honors Brielle Namer and Milo Kessler. Brielle was a wonderful camper and a true role model for adolescent girls. Milo Kessler was bright kid and an amazing friend to his bunk mates. Camp Starlight’s Owners and Directors have organized an annual drive to provide new baseball caps to children with cancer. Over 400 feet of caps have been stacked by Camp Starlight in the four years since the inception of Stack the Caps. Memorial Sloan Kettering and Children’s Hospital Boston are two hospitals to receive donations. Our goal is to stack over one mile of caps. To achieve this goal, we are looking for leaders to host Stack the Caps events in local communities and schools.

Hayley Miller

Hayley Miller is the Associate Director of Camp Starlight. Hayley graduated from the University of Miami with her MBA in 2016. Hayley was a camper, counselor and started working for Camp Starlight in 2017. Brielle Namer’s leadership and example inspired Stack the Caps, and Hayley is honored to remember her former campmate by bringing the spirit of camp year round to the community.

Jason Glick

Jason Glick is a teacher and Senior Administrator at a private school in Boca Raton, FL. He holds an Ed.M from Harvard University and has over 20 years of experience in education. In addition to teaching classes in High School, Jason is in charge of global programming and has led dozens of International student trips to India, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, and Malaysia, to name a few. During the summers, Jason is happy to be the Head Counselor for the younger boys at Camp Starlight. His long-standing relationship with Starlight allowed him to bear witness to not only the creation of the Stack the Caps movement, but also the remarkable girl who inspired it. Jason is proud to be associated with Stack the Caps and looks forward to watching it grow.

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